Looking for Firmware developer


Im looking for someone who can help me with some modifications to the firmware. I’m willing to pay for it. Please send me a PM.


hello, welcome i can’t help you, hope you find someone, but think you should be clearer with your question.

you should go to 4pda forums

or If he doesn’t speak russian he could check out xda developers instead

btw, @HMuller, what kind of modifications are we talking about?

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So far no one has really posted about this watch over at XDA. However, the best possible modd would be porting Wear OS 2.0 or 2.1 to these watches especially the Lemfo Lemx. There are only three smartwatches that I have found that run Wear OS and have mediatek cpu. Tichwatch E and S, Polar M600, and …ill have to look it up again. Anyway, these watches received the Oreo update. Would be nice to see someone get this done.

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I suspect that you will not find anyone here in this forum. Not many here are interested in “Wear OS”. I would like to address this question to the XDA Forum.


What other OS are they interested in here? Only other OS I’ve seen is AsteriodOS and OpenWatchProject? And even then like I said you have to find someone who has the watch over at XDA who has the know how and the want to dev this device.

Well, this is the Full Android Smartwatch Forum. It may be that we will also be dealing with Android Go in the medium term. But Android wear will never be a big topic of conversation here - there are plenty of other forums for that …

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I can help, depending on what’s needed…

Was anything figured out with this? Would love to know or see the project.

Good Morning. It would be great to put Android Wear on our watch, unfortunately I have no knowledge for it.

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Well, I can’t find any forum about Android Wear in lemfo lem 8.

that’s because this is a forum for full android, not for wear. So you are here - as already mentioned - in the wrong place.

that might be because no one has put android wear on a lem 8. xda might be a better place to ask, but I don’t really believe you will find much help there either

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Thank you. Do not enter here looking for Android Wear, but since it was mentioned in a previous comment I decided to express an opinion.


Has anyone thought about Arrow OS? There was a few I had mentioned, but couldnt remember if I mentioned this one at all.