Looking for app that can push turn by turn navigation from phone to watch

Hi there. Im min and new to this community. Currently using thor 4 dual.
Im avoiding using google maps on the watch as it drains lots of battery power. Im looking solutions like the ones that ive seen here:

where the app capture and push turn by turn navigation from google maps on the phone to the watch.
Thanks in advaced.

I think watchdroid should be able to do this trick. It can push notification from nearly every app from your phone to your watch.

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I have tried personally what @G1NT0N1C suggested. It works: watchdroid will push turn by turn notification from your Google maps in your phone to your smartwatch.
You will not see turn icons on your watch though, but maybe this feature can be implemented in the near future.

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Good to hear that it works. You might tell @lumaticsoft about the turn Icons.

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Yes, I have it on my to-do list, maybe in the future I can capture and treat Maps notifications in a different way showing directions, arrival time, etc.


Thanks @G1NT0N1C @Gianluca_Borrelli. Im a premium watchdroid user, im sticking to version 8 for getting bluetooth call notification.
Yesterday i tried running google maps on my phone, but not getting any maps notification on my watch. Glad @Gianluca_Borrelli confirms it works.
I will try tweaking my watchdroid till it works.
Thanks guys :wink::+1:

Suggest you run version 9.0 instead of version 8. Version 9.0 was the last update before the app became effected by Google changes and has all the desired features. It may help with your issues.

i am experiencing something a bit different, when using watch droid (paid full version) the google maps notifications are sent every 100 meters, so while driving it will go off and buzz or sound 10 times every 1km. in other words “stay on all the time buzzing and making noise”. imagine just going 10kms or even 50kms…even with sounds/vibration off.

work around im currently using is turn off google maps notifications from watch droid completely, and use google assistant “ok google navigate home” voice command on the standalone google maps installed on the watch.

not the best work around as it will drain considerable watch battery, better to have watch droid send only the appropriate turn by turn navigation queues from the phone for battery conservation, maybe that can be addressed in a later update.

definitely loving watch droid though, what a great companion to the smartwatch !

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UPDATE: same experience is happening while using “ViewRanger” hiking app.
current workaround is same as google maps (use as standalone and not watchdroid connected)

im sure that if google maps solution is addressed then should be similar solution for ViewRanger app.

for those in our community that enjoy hiking mountains.

thanks again watch droid !
since upgrading and paying in full im enjoying the watch experience so much more.

I am working to improve this. I have modified the behavior of Watch Droid so that it generates a totally different notification for Maps, much simpler and that serves these cases. If you want when you have a trial version I can publish it for review and give your opinion.


sure, i can tinker with your updated version and provide quality assurance feedback before production release

After a lot of work I have the trial version with the new navigation feature, if you are interested in testing I leave the instructions:

The updating of the smartwatch can be done by loading it by USB or sending it using the update button on the information screen as shown in this video.

For the correct operation both applications have to have the same version.

When installing the development version the icon will change to green on both devices.

For users with WearOS devices that can not update the version on their smartwatch, send an email to develop.lumaticsoft@gmail.com to be included among the test users.

Release news:

• New notification system for navigation.

• New filter for multimedia notifications by combination of notifications. It will use the detection of notifications and combine them with the files received to be able to determine whether or not to send it.

• Improved system for registering filtered notifications.

• Possibility to select the application that notifies telephone calls.

• Bug fixed.


Watch Droid Phone 12.6.28

Watch Droid Assistant 12.6.28

Watch Droid Assistant - WearOS 12.6.28