Looking for a FAWs that would offer great battery, and features

Hey everyone.

Currently in the looks for a great FAW that would feature a nice battery (at least a whole day), optionally a nice-looking software UI, and nice features such as NFC.

Anything to recommend? Thanks!

There isn’t any watch with NFC. Sorry.

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No worries. Maybe ones you could suggest without it? Coming from Lemfo LEM10 btw, the original DM20.

Mostly asking because the software is just unpolished, if only I had the time to work on it…

If you want a rectangular smartwatch, I recommend the DM101 (Kospet Note and Ticwris MAX-S)
The FAW firmware is available for this model.
If you want a round full android watch, my favorite is the Optimus 2 from Kospet. But the LEM 15 or the LEM 16 from Lemfo are not a bad choice.
FAW firmware is also available for the LEM 15.

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Since I am not a Level 2 yet, I don’t have much info about FAW fw, what are its advantages, and whether there is one for DM20/LEM10?

And wondering how thick the frame of your recommended ones is, LEM10 already feels like major phone slapped to my wrist :joy:

This is the Release Candidate for the collaboration between FAW and the Solution Providers in China - Wiiteer.

Our agreement with them is this - and we will not be changing it:

  1. To provide a firmware for international users who are using Google apps and syncing their Google data.

  2. To remove or replace Chinese web dependencies that were in the stock firmware (due to the great firewall)

  3. To get the best battery life possible by removing custom apps and those “just make it work” solutions.

  4. Improve security

  5. Allow Android to work as it should, without pointless task killers and similar. Battery life is significantly improved this way.

Sorry but the FAW firmware is not available for the Lem10

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Ah man, sad to hear it.

Any way you could provide trusted links to the Optimus 2, LEM15 and DM101? To ensure I don’t get those garbage boards, thanks!

kospet Official Store

LEMFO Official Store


Got it. The prices have gone up since I last looked haha, any way to contact the solution providers? I have WeChat ready, can get via Alibaba as well.

Also failing to see anything besides Tank M1 on Kospet’s store, any ideas what to do?

Choose “all elements”.

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Didn’t help

Off course it does. I checked twice.

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Ah nevermind! Had to open from desktop AliExpress

Hey so contacted LEMFO, they said LEM15 is no longer available as the production has stopped, they have the LEM16, LEMP, DM101, LEM14, LEM10(mine), and LEMT.

What would you suggest out of those, is FAW IFW worth getting an older version, and what is the issue with the LEM16 and others using a dual-chip solution?

I have a LEM14 running the international FAW firmware. It runs smooth and easily lasts a full day between charges. I just got the LEM16 so I’m still evaluating it.


Well, I personally prefer the FAW firmware. For this reason I would choose the LEM 14, since the FAW firmware is not available for the LEM 16.
Or buy the Optimus 2 from Kospet. This is currently my absolute favorite.

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Would love to hear your initial impressions as well as a light comparison between your LEM14 running FAW and the LEM16 with its stock firmware.

Can you tell me the codename of Optimus 2? (DM20 for example), looking through Alibaba it seems like there are 10-20$ cheaper watches when searching using the hardware codename.

Quick update, read a ton of posts here regarding LEM16, decided to buy it via direct contact.
Paid 1106RMB (152USD), will post my expereince in a separate post once it arrives.