Long Time Report

Heyhey “community” !

I have sourced since 03APR16 the following standalones smartwatches:
D5, D6, I3, Q1, Zeblaze Thor Pro and 2 pieces KOSPET Prime “refurbished” for half the price.
Still in daily use are Zeblaze Thor Pro and the 2 Prime’s.
All - but the D5 with AMAZON - are bought via Gearbest.
My personal experience with Gearbest is good: 2 Paybacks via PayPal worked within 24 hours and new order;
ONE return has been problem-free via Gearbest Alicante Spain.
Personally, I would not order on the Internet without PayPal or similar payment media; also no longer in DL (!).
In the meantime, Wirecard & Co have proven that even government-related companies like BAFIN can no longer be trusted.
Nevertheless, I would like to thank the Chinese suppliers for the innovation of a smartphone on the wrist in the form of a watch.
Also TNX to the OPs of Full Android Watch!

Hermann Schulze