LOKMAT X360 lock icon & screen lock

My Smartwatch didn’t come with a user manual (and I can’t find one which is beyond irritating to me) which explains anything other than the very basics so can anyone tell me why a tiny lock icon keeps popping up but won’t respond to touch. Also, I could’ve sworn that the ad promoting this watch had a lock screen but I can’t find the personalization feature anywhere:

Suggest you go to Mr. Ticks You tube channel “Smartwatch Ticks” and review several of the videos on how to set up and use these watches. There are hundreds to choose from. Better than any manual that comes with these watches.


@Jonathan_Bickel is right. Mr. Ticks’ videos are very helpful in this regard. Chinese manufacturers have never been fond of page-long manuals. A friend of mine claims that even the latest Chinese nuclear submarine, which is currently top secret, only has a 9-page manual.