Lokmat Lok02 firmware


I’ve been looking for a full android watch with not-so-huge AMOLED screen and 3/32 GB set. I found Lokmat Lok02 on Aliexpress and it looks promising. Im always eager to root my devices and I did it before with my former Kospet Prime so I can handle the procedure. The question is: Is there a firmware to be flashed with SP Flash Tool and a TWRP working for this purpose? Thanks in advance

@pablo11 Sorry that I mention you directly, but I saw on the forum you provided firmware for other watches, so could you tell if there is such possibility with Lokmat Lok02? Also is there a chance for working TWRP? Thanks in advance

What is a Lok02 ?
I am unfamiliar with that one. We support the APPLLP 4 and APPLLP Pro and the APPLLP 2.

I don’t know anything about Lok02.

Thx for the response. I think its not that new:

LOKMAT LOK 02 4G Smartwatch – Specs Review - SmartWatch Specifications

1gb ram… No. Stay away from it.
We don’t support it either.
Get at least 2gb ram or preferably 3gb.
Android 10 is much better for battery management and application support because it is x64
Amoled screen is not worth buying a sub standard product for.
In my opinion.

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There is 3/32 variant of this watch too. I owned Kospet Prime before and I’m sure that for my needs only AMOLED screen is suitable.

The only other watch I found meeting my needs is Optimus Pro, but it’s not easy to get it now…