LOKMAT L08 Play Store Install

Hello, i have a LOKMAT LK08 smartwatch, and play store is not installed, I tried using APKs but doesn’t open, just close the app. Play services work, but apps like Shazam or google maps don’t. Do you know any possible solution or is ti possible to change the firmware or ROM?

OS: Android 7.1.1
CPU: MTK 6739

Can you share where you purchased this please?
I trying to find out about it because we don’t have any contact with Lokmat at all and so it is very difficult to help you.

Can you post a photo of the details in the watch settings under About Watch please?

It may be as simple as the wrong firmware is installed. Which means when you go to choose the language, you can only see Chinese or English.
If it is international you will see many languages to choose from.

I believe this model is exactly the same as the KC08 or Kospet Hope.
I will find out more if I can.

Yes, that’s the model of my Smartwatch

Hello, I bought it on Amazon. I think there was an “official page” on AliExpress but the model I have is not there.

I tried to investigate how to change the firmware, because the Play Store wasn’t there, I downloaded it through an APK, but when I tried to open It, the app simply closes quickly.

Some days ago I downloaded some APK for Shazam and google maps, everything was working correctly, but today in the morning both apps stopped working

Thank you very mucho for answering my question.