LOKMAT APPLLP 4 purchasing questions

Hi, I’m new here! I’ve always been into all things tech, and have always wanted a FAW, however I never really knew it. My first ever introduction to FAW (not completely sure if it’s a FAW), was the Samsung s2 running a gba emulator on Twitter way back when.

Fast forward a feel years, now I’m looking for a job, and I can’t necessarily pick up my phone to check the time anymore and am in need of a watch. “Yes!” I finally have a reason to own a watch. But which watch should I get? After much consideration and googling around, I stumbled upon the LOKMAT APPLLP 4 on YouTube via a video by “Smart Watch Ticks”, intrigued and a little weary, I got to scouring the web about the watch, which eventually led me to aliexpress and this forum.

I’ve read posts on here about the issues sorrounding the touch ghosting as well as the FAW firmware for international users and I have a few questions for those in the community who are my seniors in the trade.

As a daily driver is the LOKMAT 4 any good?

Has the touch screen issues been addressed?

I saw that the FAW international firmware has been deleted from the forum, as from what I can decipher, there were some delicate issues with people not referring to this site, but opting to upload stuff else where. As someone in need need of a watch, should I fear not being able to get my hands on the firmware?

Also, while doing my research on the Lockmat 4 I came across a YouTube video which showed it running aethersx2 (ps2) emulator. Do people here typically use the device for intense gaming? And if so, are there any worries of potential skin irritation?

(from what I’ve read in the FAW 1.3 international firmware post, it seems like there was a patch to disable 2 performance cores and 2 power saving cores to ensure better battery life, while keeping an option available somewhere in settings to allow the watch to run at full tilt if needed)

Thanks for the replies in advance!

I’m trying to help you.

  1. about the games
    These are full android watches and not game consoles.
    Their technical design and the components used in it are not designed for play. Due to their size, they do not have adequate cooling for continuous processor load and a permanently on display. Of course, it may be interesting what kind of game or emulator it can run on but it will greatly degrade the life of the device. (Chinese designers often design their electronic devices for maximum limits, so it’s a good idea to treat them gently.)
  2. International FAW firmware
    You have a bad picture with this topic
    There was a time when testing was available for “Beta” versions. But that only became a huge mess on the board.
    A lot of people didn’t have enough experience to test but still tried. This only became chaos, so public access was eliminated. Closed-scale development is nearing completion. we hope it will be available to everyone soon.
    The purpose of the development is to operate a self-contained, Google-compatible, energy-saving communication device. This is the basic goal of these tools. Everything else is just a bonus. If that is not your intention, do not buy such a watch because you will be disappointed.

Thanks for the reply gyuri!

  1. Without a doubt, a FAW definitely doesn’t have the cooling capacity to run games full tilt for an extended amount of time. I’m just marveling at what I’d more so consider a proof of concept. (though maybe less demanding stuff like gba and snes may work).

I definitely want to treat the watch gently, as I plan to use the watch for 5+ years if possible.

  1. Ah, now I get a better picture of why the FAW international firmware was taken down. Sorry, I thought it was for a different reason. Google compatibility is high on my list of must have features, so I can check my email, or use Google play to install a music player so I can connect the watch to bt earbuds while I run on the treadmill (covid 19 has definitely made me put on more weight).

Thanks again gyuri! Very informative! I definitely see the lokmat appllp 4 as more of a normal watch but with the added bonus of being able to play some smaller lighter game titles. Gaming is not top of my priority list for a watch, however I see it as more of a added bonus. Like a party trick.

If possible, I have one more question for you. I saw this on aliexpress: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005002566253284.html?gatewayAdapt=Pc2Msite

On the page it says that it’s a 128gb model, however if you look at the specifications, it shows 64gb. I’m a bit confused, as I don’t think a 64gb model exists. (I’m thinking maybe a typo?)

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The Lokmat APPLLP 4 uses the same Z36 main board like the Lemfo LEM15. 128 GB flash storage is correct.

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Thank you!

I forgot to ask. I saw on the forum that the lokmat appllp 4 is single touch screen only. Is that due to hardware limitations or is that a software limitation? (and does the Lem15 have the same issue?) Thanks!

It’s a hardware limitation. Same on Lemfo LEM 15. Both watches are using identical hardware.

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Ah. That’s a bit unfortunate, but it is what it is. Thank you!

In practice, it is not a significant limitation.

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Yep. For the most part, for the screen’s size, u’d realistically be using one finger to operate the watch anyways. Though would suck a bit for emulation (though watches aren’t designed to play games anyways). Only real issue would be picture zoom.

Not really. Doubletap works fine.

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Ah. If double tap works fine then it’s a non issue.

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In my experience the mean time between failure for these Chinese FAWs is much less than 5 years unfortunately. Maybe you’ll be lucky.


If you want a good quality watch, one you can get wet, wear to work a daily driver.

I’m looking at the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS, A Wear Os 3, Not FAW, the build quality is far superior as well as the software.

But you can only get those few apps which are made for wearos… Too limited for me…

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Then why would Samsung and Fossil go to Wear OS 3? Because they have more wearable apps.

They might, but they do not have as many as there are Android apps, and I use several of those which are not available on WearOS.

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By the way guys- this is not the right place to talk about android wear. This forum is about full android watches…


Ah. That sucks, but understandable. There’s much more functionality compared to a wear os watch, but at a comparable/cheaper price. To be 100% honest, the features that stand out to me are:

  1. 128gb internal storage for music via bt
  2. Whatsapp/other social apps
  3. Heart rate monitor
  4. Gps for quick glance navigation
  5. The occasional emulator or two (though single touch instead of multi-touch definitely makes this one harder to do, and thermals definitely will be an issue)
  6. Having 4gb of ram definitely helps the system run more fluid and helps with multitasking

Looking at the threads again I’m still comparing this to the lem 15 as they’re both utilizing the same helio p22, but the lem 15 is $10 cheaper. And it seems to be way more people with a lem 15 (still not completely sure why this is the case).

As I don’t currently have a job, and am still looking, maybe there’ll be a multi-touch watch by the time it’s necessary for me to have a watch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep in mind that there are Google services that only work in the U.S.
In addition, many languages are not supported by Wear and similar watch systems. FAW watches help with this problem. In vain do you praise them here. (in the wrong place, of course …) I chose FAW watches because it knows the characters in my own language and I get a readable notification. I paired my BT-controlled car alarm with it without a hitch. I can call without a BT heaset. Listen to the radio or music on your watch in good sound quality. These are just some of the things a Wear watch cannot do on its own. So for me, these are all useless systems.