Lokmat appllp 3 pro?

I have ordered this watch as my Kospet Vision has died although technically repairable.

Ram and Rom listed for the APPLLP 3 PRO exceed the Kospet vision and from what i can tell the CPU is pretty much the same specs but a different chip so it will do what i need it to do but there seems to be zero information about this watch other than on the sellers pages, I cant even find a reference to it on here or any reviews on youtube?

Does anyone know this watch?


Its Android 8.1 so i wouldnt get too excited . If loading clockskins dont work try installing universal launcher .

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My Vision is something like Android 7 so it cant be any worse than that :slight_smile:

I used my Kospet vision as a watch, as a source of music over bluetooth to my earphones when exercising and not wanting my phone with me, as a second phone on a different sim for the same reason and also as a black screen covert video recorder.

I dont do much else on a watch.

Are custom clockskins compatible? I would like to use the same skin that my vision has but the lack of info on the Appllp 3 pro left me questioning if custom skins can be loaded?

I cant remember if i have used a universal launcher on my Vision, its been a long time since i have done anything but just use it, i would have to get it up and running again to even check as right now its in bits and the battery swollen like a balloon so ive de soldered the protection board/ connector from it.

From memory, the vision allows you to load new skins directly from storage by holding on the face and then using the + option to load them but as said, very little information about this new watch ive ordered

One thing that was a positive about the Appllp 3 is the removable straps, no internal antennas which is a massive design flaw in the Vision, both the GPS and Cellular antenna coax cables fail on the straps of the vision and a stupid design!

No idea if they are compatible but if they are not UL could make them work.

I am currently testing two A8.1 watches and both wont allow clockskins unless you install UL


Ahh ok, well if I can manage to force a skin one way or another then I will be happy, if not then i hope one of the defaults is to my taste.

One interesting thing, I paid with paypal, the retailer says I have paid and they have shipped (banggood), Paypal almost instantly sent me an email saying the new card I added had been removed due to an authentication problem, I re added the same card using the exact same stored info and its fine but I have not had any money debited from my account!

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Hooked up a lipo on wires and managed to boot the Vision after scraping and jumping the traces for the power button as that is also bad.

Held the usb cable on the contacts for a finger aching few mins and managed to pull all my data off it including the watch face i use which is based on something you can download here but I modified it but no longer had the modded files on my pc and did not want to have to mod it again from the original.

If spares were available this watch is absolutely repairable, shame it will probably never get put back together properly.

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Respect. Good job. :+1:

Watch arrived today and nope, no option to set custom watch faces :frowning:

Was hoping it would be an option like it is in the Kospet Vision.

Its been a long time since I messed with anything in an Android watch, what launcher should i try and how to i do about doing it please?

Another thing i have noticed is it seems the watch will not allow me to enable developer options :frowning:

The watch does not ship with a data cable, just a two pin charge cable, i got a meter on my Vision data cable and the pinout is the same but the magnets are opposed, I have been able to get the watch connected to my pc by using a spring loaded clip to hold it in place but not ideal lol.

Use this launcher and follow instructions setting ALL permissions

Try a 4 pin cable to transfer data if you have one

I install the clockskins this way ( no cables )

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You might try this app to enable developer options:

But, by the way- that is why we do not support this kind of watches.

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You are the man, got the clockskin on it that i wanted that I used on my Vision, thankyou!

I had already transferred it over with the Vision data cable held on with a spring clip but as my vision came with two data cables I have cut the USB plug off one of them and about to solder on a new one with all the wires reversed as having looked at the watch end I am 95% that I will destroy it trying to get the magnets out to swap them around.

I checked my cables with a meter before I did anything but i would hope the watches have diodes to protect from reverse polarity, its so dumb that they use the same plugs but not the same wiring!

Was hoping that the bezel design was printed on and not engraved but could not tell for sure from promo pics but it is printed on, now to find something that will take it off as im not particularly keen on it.

The Kospet Vision is advertised as having a 1.6" display and so is the Appllp 3 pro but this definitely has a bigger screen than the Vision by a noticeable amount…

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Ive just installed that, its now responding to taps on the android version tab and displays the oreo image which it didnt before so its doing something but nothing on the build number sadly.

Will have more of a play and see if ive missed something.

Good luck. But finaly- it’s not supported here. Sorry.