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@Andrew Davis, Ricardo Romero… and of course everybody else :wink:
Please read this…

I’ve been digging in the firmware of the kw88 .I use EXT4 unpacker.
Opened the firmware and walked about in it ,just exploring as a noob does ;-)…
Opened the system.img looking for the hiding place of the clock faces .
Extracting here and there an finally extracted watchnew.apk located in /root/app
extracted that one and found in there in the map res
the map Layout as we have in our apk we use for making 3 hands clockfaces that the KW88 does let us pick and use.
When I open the map Layout there is (along with all the layouts of items that correspond with clock faces (with own hands etc) in drawable-hdpi-v4 ) this Idle_fragment_layout.xml

Also there is
idle_fragment_layout_new.xml , in here it is says:
FrameLayout Layout include and the it sums up al the clock faces !!!

Now…Could it be that all those CF’s actually can work and it’s already there?
Maybe all we have to do is rename the
Idle_fragment_layout.xml to old
and delete “new” in the idle_fragment_layout_new.xml so it becomes the new Idle_fragment_layout.xml ???

and then off course put the watchnew.apk back in the
/root/app and then back again to the firmware and flash it ?

Will that work??

Or maybe ther is a much easier way of getting it back in the watch when its rooted??

Needed to share this with you guys …hoping I did something good here to help you in the search of CF.

If not …Let me know so I can continue digging …which I will anyway :wink:

Hi @Martin_Nijhuis ​, read it. But I’m afraid I can not help you with your question. I do not know the watchfacer method of kw88.
Maybe, @Smash_Smashin ​ can help you.

Could you please share watchnew.apk that you’ve found to let others see? :wink:

Hi @Martin_Nijhuis If you search this community by “watchnew”, you will see that some of us have already explored built-in hidden watchfaces. I will try to share my experience with you and everyone else reading this:
Yes, there are hidden watchfaces, but most of them are for 360px screen and are not usable on KW88 (400px). For some of them, guys like George Zervas, have created external apk.
Yes, you could modify Watcnew.apk to enable custom watchfaces, but you need a rooted watch to replace the original Watchnew.apk with customized one.

Thanks …I did search the community …this is how I came to dig in deeper in the firmware and the watchnew.apk. :wink:
First I’ve been customizing some watchfaces and packing them into apk and posting them here along with others but still got the urge to do something more.
This is when I found out about the watchnew.apk and found a way to get it out of the firmware an found the idle_fragment_layout_new.xml …I need to learn much more …still feeling a noob at this point and I hope someone like you can come up with a way of adding home made CF tot this KW88.
Maybe some of us /I can help changing all the CF that are in there into 400x400and putting them back or something.
I’m not afraid of rooting in time and getting the adjusted apk in there when its been prepared.

Can I post the watchnew.apk here for others to dig in our is this not done (manufacturer copyright or something)??
Been asked about this.

+Martin Nijhuis It makes no sense to dig in built-in watchfaces. The best would be if we have a possibility to install custom watchfaces, but it seems that SinSoft is not going to do it for us. I have already started working on a custom launcher similar to built-in watchnew.apk, but because I’m doing it in my free time, it will take a while before I can show something.

Guys, maybe it is a stupid question but why not KW88 (like other smartwatches out there) is using Android Wear for connectivity? Is there a technical issue or license fee or what? Wouldn’t that make their watch which already has a nice design and is packed with good hardware more attractive to the buyers?

@Smash_Smashin thanks… I’ll be patient then :wink: my pc died on me so all I can do anyway is read mobile till it’s fixed so I can’t help of figure out anything… Not even make 3 hands cf apk ;-( . that’s life… At least I have warranty.