Loaded an app named Scout this morning...

Loaded an app named Scout this morning… found it in a Russian (I think) YouTube vlog for a D5… haven’t fully looked into it but it’s a map/navigation app… wanted to see how it fared on the old battery drain… My D5 started at 08:00 with 86% and by 18:00 it was 20%… it’s now on charge, before I’m able to have a proper look at what’s been going on… has anybody else tried Scout?


Just read this bit on their Google Play intro…

“Please note that the continuous use of the GPS will cause the battery to discharge more quickly. That’s why we recommend to leave your device connected to the charging cable during the entire trip.”

If I did that I would need a map as I wouldn’t be able to leave my house!

Watch set to “Power saving” but still suffer major power drain… 100% to 20% in 10 hours… haven’t even looked to see what it can do… !!!

Played with it… was usable on my D5… too much power used… uninstalled… :frowning: