Live Wallpaper Manager

For many days researching how to apply Live Wallpapers programmaticaly and finaly im done it!

This code may useful for enabling WearOS watchfaces (Facer, Watchmaker, custom faces and etc.) into launchers for full android watches whitout using any engines, triks and etc.

All complications are work, all features are work (need test HRM and steps data)

How it works?

All WearOS watchfaces uses CanvasWallpaperService (for example) for drawing any watchface.
This service can be binded to WallpaperService in our watch to display watchface.
Problem is the permissions… Android cannot allow other apps bind live walpapers without system signature. Even if you want use root rights to bind wallpaper. And thats a problem!
But i solve it! You can find solution in link below and use it in your apps. You welcome)


I allow everyone to use the code I have provided, provided that I am mentioned as the creator


Thanks for your attention

P.S. In few days i resume developing my launcher.


Good news! Nice to see you are back!


Agreed . You are always very welcome :+1: . Great to see you back

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Awesome I can’t wait!

good news and happy you come back.

This is demo how it works (im installed some apk watchfaces for wearos)

Source code updated


Looking forward to next update :+1: