Listening to whatsapp voice messages

What app is there to do that and possibly reply to it with a voice message, considering I cannot install whatsapp in the watch cause it has no sim?


You can install WhatsApp even if the watch does not have a SIM, you just need an internet connection to use it (WiFi)
If it’s not available on the play store for your watch, you could sideload it

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The problem is when I install it in the watch I get disconnected from my phone and that’s not an option. I was wondering if there is an app that handles WhatsApp and other messaging systems maybe in a consistent way

That’s the way WhatsApp works for now, just runs on one device (not on multiple devices like telegram)
If you are up for it, you could use a modded WhatsApp client like yowhatsapp or gbwhatsapp and run WhatsApp on multiple devices, I use the same yowhatsapp account on my phone and my watch

I’ll give it a try thanx for the tip

I’m using tablet messager. Works fine.


did you install it with aptoide or other means ?

It’s on playstore too

I didn’t know of this app, looks useful

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