List of Manufacturer's Websites

This is a list of official manufacturer websites.
Of course, official is debatable.
Also manufacturer is debatable.

Some design team designs a watch, some factory builds watch pieces or the whole watch, someone assembles the watch, someone designs the packaging, the documentation, and “makes” a bunch, then someone resells those watches to other companies or to end customs.
Who is the manufacture? Who is the reseller? What does the customer do when they have the watch in their hands and wonder where they could find a manual for it. Search engines are worthless…

So, yes, given the above, his list is not 100% accurate.

A great “manufacturer’s website” should be a place where:

  • New models can be seen.
  • Old models could be looked up.
  • There is a support section of some kind having things like: user manuals, FAQs, firmware to download, ways to contact support or at least a list of your support options, …
  • News, customer relation bits, …
  • Address, contact information

Unfortunately, not every company wants that level of support.

So, here are the ones I was able to find. Please add to this thread if you have a watch it has a website.

So many more…

Actually you are on the RIGHT forum for every new and old watch that you need to be supported, as long it is full android watches except android 8 which not.
You’ll get here WAY MORE help than any other sites including the ones you’ve mentioned.
These watches are becoming more and more popular than known ones and they are improving from year to year and hopefully they get more accessories and parts as all other known watches.

***the,only downside is if you want an app to work perfectly on your watch you have to nag the developer till he will…:sleepy:

why isnt the lem 16 on the Lemfo website?

Use this forum for help and info.

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yes i get that,thats what im trying to do now by asking on here,but that still doesnt answer my question…why isnt it on the Lemfo website,it has also been discontinued on Bangood