Lipa Castor connection problems

Hello, I’m new here.

Unfortunatly is have big problems with my new watch.
I tried to connect it with my Nokia 6.
I can connect it and it orks only for the pedmeter and the heartbeat. which show on the app wii watch.

All the rest is not responding, no calls, text or other notifications
Also the music en camera doesn’t react ont he phone.

I tried all kinds of apps ont he phone, wii watch, watch droid phone, wear os, and some oths for notifications only.

I hope someone can help me.Because now the watch is a bit useless as a smart watch if I can only use it for my heart rate en steps.

Kind regards,

To get started lets begin with which watch you have? Do you have a Sim Card installed in the watch? You indicated these apps, Wii Watch, Watch Droid and Wear OS. Which apps do you have installed on the watch, assuming it is a Full Android Watch (FAW). Your mention of Wear OS raises a red flag with a FAW. Where did you get your information on how to set up and use the watch? Once you clear these questions and maybe others, someone may be able to help you.


The watch is a lipa castor.
There is no sim card in the watch only in the phone.
For the moment i have wii watch 2 installed on my Nokia phone.
The other i found in the google play as smartwatch apps.
I found some video’s on you tube.

It is a watch that works android. So i assume it’s a full android.
What is the difference between faw and another watch that runs on android.
Sorry but i’m completly new on the smartwatches.

I hope this info helps

Kind regards

We don’t support this watch, but the usual answer is to check that the battery saver is not killing your apps. Try a little search on this subject.

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Are you talking about this watch?


@gyuri : Yes that’s the watch.

@Eric_Crochemore : I’ll double check. But i think my battery saver on my phone is disabled

The type of this watch is X200. “Lipa Castor” is a fantasy name. This is an Android 5.1 Full Android Watch. Applications for WEAR watches do not work on this watch. Now we know what kind of watch you have. Now write down what you want to use this watch for.

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Well I would live to receive all notiffication from apps on the phone on my watch.
Also the noticications of calls en text messages, and if possible send text messages

Akso controling mu music that is plating on mu phone, next song and so on

And maybe other option, that I don’t know that is possible.

What kind of apps works for this type of watch

And how do you connect the best From phone to watch or from watch to phone.

Sorry for all the qyestions

Well, i would recommend using watchdroid instead of wiiwatch. For it to work smoothly, wiiwatch must be uninstalled. If necessary, reset your watch to factory settings. Deactivate watchdroid in the battery saver on both your Nokia and the watch. Calls cannot be answered on the watch, but the name of the caller can be displayed with a trick. To do this, the standard dialer on your Nokia must be replaced by this one:


Personally, I don’t use the music control, but I know that it is at least included in the Pro version.

You can get notifications from almost all apps installed on your smartphone.
I don’t know if watchdroid has all the functions you want. But I think it comes closest to what you want.

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@G1NT0N1C : Do I have to install the watch droid only on the phone, or also on the watch.
THat changing dialers, I have to look more into beacause I didn’t get it right away

There are 2 apps, one for your smartphone and one for the watch. You can find it in the playstore. It also works without the dialer. This is only required to display the name of the caller.

@G1NT0N1C : I found them, The watchdrois phone is for the phone. and the Watchdroid Assistent is then for the watch I guess

I’ll test it tommorrow, thanks for the advice.

You are welcome!

It work already for some things.
I still have to look for all the possibilities of the watch droid.

Can you use multiple apps for this connection

No, that’s not possible.

It already works for some things.

Does it also works for other notifications like public transport, YouTube, breaking news and so on

Yes, you can select the notifications individually for almost every app. Watchdroid is currently the best app for this.

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So you can turn this on for every app in watch droid.
In the regular version too, or only in the premium version

@G1NT0N1C : The watchdroid works fine.
Just 1 problem with it. When I try to delete notifications or so, it asks doe you want to delete this.

Then it gives a gray screen, but I see no buttons with yes or no.

Maybe the app adaptation toggle is set in your watch setting ?