Lifetime of full android 4G smartwatches

What is the lifetime of a full android 4G smartwatch? I am yet to receive my first Kospet prime smartwatch which i have ordered on Aliexpress. Can i expect it to be working with me till 2024? If i compare its price, it is somewhere close to the price of Realme/Redmi mid-range android smartphones which function for 3 to 4 years without problem.

Good question . If you look after it and dont do anything silly it will last much longer than that . My old watches still working fine .

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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu what you mean when you say “anything silly”? I will use the smartwatch as a replacement of my smartphone. I will wear it whole day indoor as well as outdoor. I will use it for internet surfing and playing games. But i guess it is not suitable for swimming.

Apologies . I meant swimming , flashing accidents , general abuse etc . Thanks

Well, the weak point of these watches is still the charging plug. The contacts of the watch wear out over time. I personally believe that a service life of four years is unlikely if the watch is charged daily.


Something silly would include getting wet of not a water proof one. A strap breaking on one with non replaceable bands. Or in the case with my last one, Hitting my wrist on a door handle walking by and shattering the screen :man_facepalming:t3:

My guess is the battery itself may start to wear out after about 4 to 5 years of daily use if not before that time. Not sure how easily replaceable these batteries are but probably not much worse than new smart phones which have gone to batteries which take extensive work to replace. One of the reasons I still have a Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. Pop off the back and drop in a new battery. I suspect the real reason most phone makers have gone to the current design is to keep people buying new phones every couple years instead of just buying new batteries.


I’m using my Kospet Prime (the first one, just like what you’ve ordered) since last December and the battery life is the same as it was - it’s my daily driver watch-phone, but a heavily customized one compared to the stock software-wise (I’m using Nova Launcher Prime, Drupe for calls, etc., I’ve replaced the factory TPU/silicon band with a premium quality leather strap).
According to my first year using the Prime I think it still will be perfectly usable in the next 2+ years.