Lemt broken, can it be fixed?

hello everyone, I bring you my sad experience looking for a solution for my beloved lemt (I can no longer do without it).The display was broken, and I asked a technical friend of mine to fix it.it was a disaster.The display change has done it perfectly, but in reassembly

  1. it has cut the flat that connects the two buttons
  2. It destroyed the battery connector

For 1) there is nothing to do, I am desperately looking for a new flat, do you know if you can find it?

  1. He removed all the battery connectors, and soldered two direct wires between the battery and the motherboard.

Result? The smartwatch sometimes turns on for a moment showing the initial logo and turns off after half a second.

I wonder if it’s the flat cut of the buttons that creates this problem.
I would like to understand if the smartwatch is recoverable for you,I am very sad. Thank you

I have doubts if the connection has been made correctly having only the two poles connected

You will need a miracle to get the bits you need . Maybe buy a used broken one for spares ? Taking these watches apart is never advised . I’ve ruined many


the problem is to find it!
I would like to know from someone, if the battery can be connected directly with only the two poles, not connecting the central contact. (Please see the second image)

In the end I was able to get it to work by connecting the battery directly to the motherboard, but after 3 months again Ko, the tracks were almost gone, in September I bought another one