Lemfo lf 26 newbie seeks help

Hi having just recently purchased from Amazon a Lemfo lf26 smartwatch I was hoping to find the answer here to something I’ve searched all over the web for. Is it possible to add extra watch faces to it’s smartphone software app. It has quite a few but only around 4 that interest me. having gone to playstore there doesn’t seem to be an app that I can sideload faces from. If it can’t be done I’ll except it and still consider the watch a bit of a bargain at the £35 it cost. But it would be really nice if it could be done. Pushing my luck here but also… one of the default 4 faces it comes with I really don’t like if anyone knows the watch is there a way to replace it with another. All in all a lot to ask but I would appreciate it if anyone can help. Absolutley gobsmacked at some of the dials created but just sad I can’t load them

Sorry, but your watch is not a full android smartwatch. Nothing here will work on it. No watcheface, no app, nothing. I’m sorry, mate.:pensive:

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Thanks at least I know. Is there different software for different watches. Do you know if there is anyway to add new faces anywhere else? I’m ignorant of such matters.

I don’t think so. Sorry.


Go to 9:45 in this video, install the app on a phone, go to 11:28 in the video to see how to install faces.

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