Lemfo Les4: touch-layer stops responding until screen power-cycle


we have occasional problems with Lemfo Les4: touch-layer stops responding.

The problem fixes itself after screen turns off eventually (usually in 30 seconds, if the screen-fade-out is set to 30 seconds): after the screen is turned on again, touch-layer works correctly.

I was told there is a thread about the problem, but I didn’t find it.
If anyone has any more info related to the issue (ideally: how to fix it or at least: minimize the chances of it occurring), I would be grateful.

What we experienced:

  • seems like it most frequently happens when the watch is taken from charger
  • in our app the less time we spend in screen-related callbacks (like onTouchEvent() and dispatchTouchEvent()), the less likely the issue is to appear
  • we removed the app (com.android.systemui) that display an overlay when it detects putting device on charger or getting it from charger, thinking the app may trigger the problem, but the issue still happens