Lemfo LES1 can't find network operators

Have strong 3G connection and wifi is on, but watch doesn’t find network operators nor does “automatic connection” yield any results

Sorry for the question, but did you allready try to reboot?

Often w/o resolution… Thanks anyway

If it worked before, I would try a factory reset.

did that too twice… While the settings and screen show 3g is it possible this watch which should be capable of both is ONLY 2g?

Hi . Have you taken sim out of watch and tried in your phone to check sim okay ? . As silly as it may seem i had this problem also before . I put sim in phone , got connection , put back in watch and it worked …

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Thanks for the thought, Tim, and yes i’ve tried that as well. I even used the exact same APN that my Lemfo Les2 uses in the Les1, but STILL no connection. I’m beginning to believe the Les1 (which should support 3G) is only capable of 2G for some reason.

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I have an Les1 and it is capable of either 2g or 3g. Mine will lock on either one I’m guessing based on my location and what it will receive. I don’t know what service you are using but try manually loading the APN information provided by the vendor and see if that works.

Thanks. I’m really stumped… The APN is set EXACTLY the same as my Les2 which works perfectly, but when dialing a number I get “Mobile network not available”

I believe I have now isolated the problem. When searching for network operators, the watch lists ONLY my carrier’s 2G network, not its 3G network (which the watch does supports).

Any thoughts?

Might be a broken 3g antenna.

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I do not believe you have separate antenna’s for 2g, 3g, 4g. Maybe someone can clarify this.

I think you allready checked if 3g is enabled? Go to settings - connect - mobile network - preferred network type. Make sure that 3g is enabled.
If it is enabled, my last idea is to flash the Firmware and hope this might help.

Yes, I did all that (several times) & even tried different APNs. Placed the SIM card in my working Les2 and it worked fine. If by “flash the Firmware” you mean a factory restet, yes I did that as well. If “flash the Firmware” is something other tha a factory reset, what does that entail.

One more observation: When I tested the SIM in my working Les2, I saw a pop-up that said (Send SMS) ???

Finally, I tried using the SIM in a brand new Finow X1 I have to give my grandson at Christmas… Again no luck getting 3G

I know that there are two different 3g Standards, CDMA2000 and WCDMA. Both are slidly different. That means a model for the european market won’t work in Asia and USA (Not 100% sure about this, forgive me if I’m wrong).
Check out your manual if your watch supports the 3g standard in your country.

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Thanks, Gin -
No mention in the manual but the website states “GSM850/GMS900/DCS1800/PCS1900/ WCDMA 850/WCDMA 1900 WCDMA2100” so it should work here…

BTW, I am really impressed with your helpfulness and that of other respondents… The mystery continues!