Lemfo Les 2 phone problem

In standard mode, the phone rings, but it one no longer rings while in UL mode (although the ringtone in sound settings DOES sound).

Rebooting was no solution, I’ll hope for return to normal tomorrow unless someone has an answer…

Ask Eric. :slightly_smiling_face: Also, make sure it’s not silenced in the menu that has wifi, airplane mode, brightness… the menu with the blue and white icons when you swipe down from the main clock face display. I don’t know if this affects the ringtone though, but worth check. If you press the little speaker icon, it will cycle through the different modes. Same holds true for the little text alert icons to the right of the speaker icon. Mine is set at “normal and alert”.

Thanks, Louis… \But as I said in my post “I’ll hope for return to normal tomorrow” and - indeed - this crazy little computer they call a watch DID correct itself upon my awaking this morning…

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Oh, I thought you were talking about me returning to normal. :upside_down_face: