Lemfo les 1 Notifications

Hey guys,
Few days ago recieved my les 1,
Now there is a big question :
Is there any possible ways to change the look of notifications ?
They are just horrible for me ,also the way of working with them :DD horribly big buttons and no functionality of them at all.
Maybe some apps ? Launchers? Tried some of them with no normal result.

Sorry for my english

Im looking for ways to change BLUETOOTH notifications from the phone  
Tried bubble,however my question was not correct,need solution for bluetooth .

nBubble Elite - Notifications in bubble

Still looking for solution…

Jan 10, 2018 20:08:57 GMT 1 nicktm said:
Still looking for solution....

you might with root but maybe ricktop can help more:)

You can try watchdroid or my launcher.