Lemfo Lem8 under water

I know the Lemfo Lem8 has ip67 certification. In theory it should be put under water until 1 Meter.
I would like to know if someone has successfully used it while swimming, either in a pool or in the Sea, and for what time?

Thank you

Trust me , dont do it .


The 1m for 30mins rating is tested in STILL water not running water.

As soon as you start moving something around in water the pressure increases dramatically.

Anything rated IP67 should not be exposed to much more than light splashes and brief immersions.

Although personally I try to avoid letting water come in contact with the watch as much as possible, since IP67 is really more “splash resistant” than “water proof”.

Edit: Also salt water is basically a death sentence for anything not specifically made to be used in the ocean.