LEMFO LEM7 no longer available

I was about to buy a new Lem 7 to replace the one I have that lost its power button. What I discovered is that it appears to have been discontinued and is no longer available in the watch stores. Ebay and Amazon still have them but they are the 7.0 models and priced way to high.
So for the time being I have gone back to my KW18 because of its superior BT calling function.

Get the Optimus Pro.

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Optimus is hardly within the price range as the ones mentioned.

What’s so remarkable about Lem7? Lemfo’s released at least 3 new models since 7 and their most noteworthy one is still Lem4.

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I have owned many different Android watches and other than the I4Air, for what and how I use my watches the Lem 7 meets my needs and works well and is a good size.
After watching Mr.Tick’s reviews I’m not enthused with most of the newer watches that have come out lately with features I don’t desire or want and that just jack up the price. I am waiting for his review of the Lem 10 to see how it fits.

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The Kospet Hope before they stop making that one too…

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I have both the LEM4 Pro and the first gen LEM7, and the LEM7 is a lot better than the LEM4 Pro.

The main issue being that the LEM4 Pro uses an SPI display, and since the SPI bus is not very fast, you can see a lot of tearing while watching videos, scrolling, etc.
Also, the LEM7, even the first gen, uses a much faster CPU…

In the end, it’s just a matter of preference, but for me, the LEM7 is the winner of this battle. However, I agree that the square display makes the apps look better, however, the LEM7 has a higher resolution display, even if it’s smaller!