Lemfo Lem5 - Custom Rom Request?

Hi everyone,

I got the Lemfo Lem5 and I love the watch, but I really would like to experiment with some custom roms and clock faces etc.

Does anyone know if the firmware of the Lem5 is compatible with any other custom ROMS out there at the moment? I had an issue creating a scatter file (the “create scatter file” option was greyed out in the mtkdroid tools software so I added the 6580 cpu to the config file but when I try to create the scatter file it says the storage type is incompatible). So I wasn’t able to create a backup of my OS and without that I am not overly comfortable experimenting.

I also do not seem to be able to download any of the custom clock faces through the google drive locations on this website (it keeps telling me I need permission on Google Drive, I requested access but I don’t know if it just hasn’t been approved or if there is another issue). I would really love to try some of the custom clock faces!!

This watch also doesn’t appear to have the heart rate continuously being monitored so I was hoping if I get the custom rom installed that will help me to enable the heart rate monitor continously