Lemfo lem16 FAW Firmware?

Hello everyone! Does anyone have any information on if there will be any FAW Firmware for the lem16 and if there is any FAW with better hardware than the ticwris max s in the same or similar form factor of a rectangle screen? I’m looking for at least hardware as good as the s999 and if on 4 cores at least having a clock speed of 2ghz on the cores. I’m very interested in the max s but an worried about ram and storage constraints and the fact that it’s cores run significantly slower… I use plexamp and want a smooth experience there and on plex itself. I love being able to stream my plex library on my wrist. I successfully flashed a s999 into a custom rooted GSI rom and it functions fully as a tiny tablet now. Everything works as expected. Apps don’t get closed and permissions for accessibility work as expected now with apps booting correctly on boot so I was excited about that but with it being detachable it’s a no go for me as with a flick of the wrist it detaches and falls onto the ground lol.

The answer to both questions is no.