Lemfo lem16 display font adjustment

Where in settings can I locate how.to.adjust my font size, display?

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Have you looked under -Settings -Display? I know some watches have a font size option here.

Otherwise you can also use “minimal ADB and fastboot” to adjust the DPI number. The required command is:

adb shell wm density (new DPI value) && adb reboot


Cheers. Way too complicated for a simpleton like myself. Display on Lem16 only has brightness, screen timeout, lift to wake and something called notification bright screen. I’ll live with it :expressionless:

Well, it’s not black magic, it’s actually very simple.
Sorry, but unfortunately I don’t see any other way that works for the Lenfo LEM 16. I’m sorry.

Their is an option in the Settings Search App to adjust the font size. I use it in A7 watches don’t know if it works in newer ones. Its under Accessibility Settings.

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Thanks JB. Lemfo Lem16 does not have accessibility settings at all. No matter.

I discovered i have to use Google Assistant and say “accessibility”. It then gives me a whole bunch of options never before seen!..MAGNIFICATION, TALK BACK, COLOUR INVERSION etc etc. In a nutshell - SORTED👍

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The Settings Search App is not installed on these watches. It has to be downloaded and installed.

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