LEMFO LEM15 Bluetooth problem

Good Evening,

I Bought a LEM15 but have a bluetooth problem.

It won’t connect to bluetooth devices.
Does anybody else have this problem?

Are you WiFi connected on 2.4Ghz when the disconnects happen ? That overlaps some of the Bluetooth frequencies. If possible try to use 5Ghz for the WiFi and see if that makes a difference.
(I don’t have a LEM15, but this is a common factor which can affect the Bluetooth)

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Sorry, No. I got this Kospet because I like the brand, this will be my 3rd kospet and this one has BT5. Gave up the 128 GB for 64 but got the new camera.

Same here I tried everything.

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Good morning, were you able to solve it?

I understand that Bluetooth cannot be used for calls. But I need the Smartwatch and the Smartphone to connect to use the internet connection through Bluetooth. Could someone help me please? Thank you

Why do you not simply use the smartphone as hotspot and then use that as WiFi from the watch?

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Great thank you very much.

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Download goafit mate then configure to your liking

BT app Watch Droid better, 4g/3g app Bridge, way better solutions.

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