Lemfo lem15 and 16 power banks not working

I have had 3 power banks in the past year and the latest came two months ago with the lem16. I have fully charged them but when I connect to watch there is no longer a response (worked twice at 1st). No charging occurs unless the fully charged bank remains attached to usb charger. I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. Are these banks reliable…I mean like 3 of them🤔

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Did you fully charge it at first when you got them?

@wmchikwanha If you have a measuring device, you can check whether there is voltage at the outer pins of the battery.

Yes I did. Like i said the latest one that can with the Lem 16 worked a couple of times with the blue light coming on once watch attached.

No measuring device. Not to worry. Will not be purchasing anymore lemfo power banks. The world has greater problems than this :expressionless:

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Do the cable charge normaly your watch? Are you using the power bank when the watch on? Try when it is off and see if it charges.

Sonia, you’re about to try chest compressions on a dead horse…


I tried again. Like right now the watch while on and bank connected its now showing as charging but the % is going down (background apps consuming power maybe). I have now switched phone off, connected the fully charged bank and the Lemfo logo has come on and off twice. and on the off screen its showing as charging (even tho there is no light on bank). I will get back to you if it charges fully/discharges.

So after attaching bank to watch with no usb and watch is off it shows charging in progress. In actual fact it is discharging because it’s gone from 72% to 53% in 30 minutes! Will take it up with seller😔. Thank you so much Sonia.

If it is as i think , look at the pins on watch and power bank.

If the watch shows that it is charging but it is not, then the charger battery is defective. If the pins were broken, the watch would not indicate that it is charging.

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Just so you know - lemfo didn’t make the power banks. They just sell them.
They are made by the same factory that provides power banks to all the main brands.

As @G1NT0N1C said, this is indicating a hardware problem. You are right to bring it up with the seller :+1:

The only thing I would say is that it’s a good idea to fully charge and discharge the power banks a couple of times before you will know for sure that it’s a problem.

Any sign that it is definitely a problem - make a short video of it using your phone - and get it replaced as soon as possible :+1:


Hello everyone, I have the Lokmat APPLLP 4pro version and have been observing some of the behaviours with its power bank. After not having used the powerbank to charge the watch for some time I decided to make it more of a habbit so it could be relied upon while traveling. I initially charged the powerbank using a 2.4A tablet transformer and the powerbank charged quickly and charged the watch equally quickly, getting quite hot.

After reading discussions about the output of various chargers and the impact on the watches I reverted to a much older transformer that delivers 700ma. I use this both on the watch and the powerbank, and while it takes a while to charge there is no issue with heat.

The power bank, after this change, couldn’t always fully charge the watch from 15% (with the watch on) but reliably this has improved with use (conditioning?).

I have noticed that the initial connection of the watch to the power bank suffers from a whistling / high frequency oscilation, as some times occurs with transformers too. Wriggling the watch on the power bank stops this.

I wonder if there is a correlation between the input and output expectations of each device when they are paired and that this may be part of the issue that has shown up with the watch reporting it is charging but the powerbank not lighting up. One is expecting more current drain and the other is not able to deliver or accept it. I haven’t tested the current exchange in this way though.

The power bank, in my case, charges from the low current transformer with the red light flashing. I take it off charge when the red light is solid and immediatly the transformer is disconnected the light goes blue. Once the light has gone out the power bank is set aside until the watch gets to 15% and the power bank is employed. It used to only get to 72% before the power bank stopped charging, but this has improved.

I sit the watch on it overnight as I feel there is little risk of it overcharging the watch for hours if left on the mains transformer and cable.

I hope the issue with yours is identified soon. If not, it may be an issue that has arrisen out of a mismatch with the charging and power transfer system incorporated in the power bank due to different current input and output between the devices.

Are there any recommendations regarding conditioning the power bank, from the manufacturers?

If I have any luck with the seller whom I sent video with discharge timeline I will let the forum know more🤞🏼