LEMFO LEM14 user incoming!

Greetings Full Android Watch members! I am new here and just decided to get into the smartwatch game after years of wearing a boring & standard watch, LOL. I’ve been an Android phone user since I got rid of the original iPhone. Way, way way back in the day I used to cook my own Android ROMs but have since stopped because it became way too much time and my son got into travel ice hockey. Now that he’s 20 and pretty much on his own, I have more time on my hands! So I decided to look into smartwatches. I love the idea of having any type of fancy watch on your wrist without spending thousands of dollars on each one. Some of the watch faces here are amazing! I do graphic art as a hobby and know Photoshop pretty good. I’ve downloaded WatchFaceDesigner and started playing and learning the app. Pretty amazing piece of work. I look forward to contributing to the community once I am confident enough to share what I’ve made, LOL.

Like the title says, I just ordered a LEMFO LEM14 from AliExpress for $138 which is a steal in my opinion. I like the look of the LEM15 a little more but I wanted the 5ATM of the 14 more than the look. I found this site after watching a YT video by SmartWatch Ticks.


Its great to have you here :+1: . All the best