Lemfo lem12 fitness

Hi, i am Jamy from France, so i am sorry for my poor english language.
i bought a lemfo LEM12, and i have a little probleme with the fitness app: item bike.
when i go for bicycle i go to the fitness and choisse bike and i press GO! but about 30secondes it’s stop with message:automaticlly suspended and trying many things but still same message!
so if somebody had a same problem or any solution i am here waiting with my bike :clin d’œil:
thank you.

download and use STRAVA, Google Fit, or MyRunningAPP, from the playstore instead.

hi, thanks for replying i will try this and i 'll be back to you to inform you
thank you.

My running app is by far the best app :+1:

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hi, ok i test all and i am not satisfied, because the heart rate it’s not support by the LEMFO LEM12 so i cannot see verry good the Kcal when i make sport. and my question is why my whatch LEM12 doesn’t work when i do with fitness app and i press go in bike? i want to know if somebody had the same of me and explain me my problem.
thank you

hi, i come back to you i understand about my smartwatch Lemfo LEM12 the firmware is not updated yet so the GPS cannot work with the fitness program that all need to wait the next update i hope soon! :visage fou:

You need to allow heart rate access in settings in watch . Its under " sensors " . Works fine

hi do you mean watch setting or in heart rate app? because i cannot see this item in my watch about heart rate :rouler des yeux:

In watch settings under " sensors " activate heart rate for my running app . In running app turn on also . This has nothing to do with stock heart rate app

ppl not finding MyRunningApp is partly due to it’s thread being non-pinned, despite my best efforts.

hi an thank you to reply me but i am sorry, i cannot find the “myrunningapp” for download in my LEMFO LEM12. do you have link? because from googleplay i cannot find.

woahhou verry good the heart rate monitor work well, thank you a lot because i begined to lost hopiness with this smartwatch :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, so i can use this for do bicycle outdoor or only running? there is not bicycle settings?

Good :+1: . Yes you can go cycling and more . Tap on the bottom left where it says " running " . You will then get more options

ok thank you a lot ans see you soon on the bike :clin d’œil:

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So your GPS works on this specific “Myrunning” app?

I’ve been using Endomondo for years, and was very excited to know I could finally take my phone out of my pocket for GPS tracking, but unfortunately the GPS does not work on my Lem12 while using the app.

May I ask if your build number is: Z32_LEM12_V1.2?

Forgetting the app for now are you saying you have never had a gps lock from new ? Can you provide a bit more detail . If this is the case normally a factory reset would resolve this then stand outside until you get first lock . I use this app for gps test

Once you have gps working you can use my running app .

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