Lemfo Lem12 and fitness

hello everyone …
which version of the “Fitness” app is there on the lem12pro and lem14?
Do you think it is possible to extract and install it on the lem12?

I ask this because I have the lem12 and the Fitness app keeps closing by itself (sometimes after 5 minutes, other times after 1 hour) despite having removed it from the battery optimization and the data saver .
So I thought maybe installing a newer version could fix the problem.

thank you all.

You will be better off flashing the firmware or installing the MyRunning app

Hi Pablo, thank you for your answer.

I don’t like My running app because it’s not optimizated for the watch…too little .

I like the default fitness app, even it’s not complete like My running app.

Unfortunately, in my lem12 the fitness app is killed.

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Please flash the firmware.
It’s almost certainly a firmware problem and it’s very simple to do.