Lemfo Lem10 Moderators Special Edition

I couldnt resist doing this just for fun :+1:

Meet the team animated in all there glory :wink:


Here is the .xml file if anyone wants to use as a template in WFD and play around with this :-


Here is the face -



Great work, as always…:blush: I need this one with the different timezones for all mods.

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Sounds good :joy::joy: . Battery fixed :+1:. I’m working on a " gin and tonic " battery :wink: next

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I can not wait!!! :joy::joy:

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BTW: Does the donation button work? (Arraytype 100😜)


Yes . If you install face and touch donation button it automatically hacks into your paypal account and withdraws a $1000 . It took me ages to program this . I said i would find a way :joy::joy:


I want the T-Shirt when it becomes available!


Haha . Another idea for generating a income


so much fun! btw, move this into the correct sub category… “releases” :slight_smile:

You know, it has been said (And mostly by @Dr_Andy_Vishnu!) that I might not be playing with a full deck.:spades::black_joker: Now I flatter myself that, being the noble, generous, kind hearted guy that I am (:woozy_face:), that I have risen about Tim’s numerous assaults on my mental status…but this…THIS takes the cake! Who else but a egocentric…indeed schizophrenic moderator, with delusions of grandeur would put his face (And lets be honest here folks, only a Mother could love that dial! :older_woman:) on a watch face?!! I have no doubt that the other 2 Moderators knew nothing of Tim’s insane plan to create this monstrosity and are helpless victims of Tim’s paranoia. But look, before people say I am biased in this matter (Imagine, me biased? perish the thought! :grin:) lets have a show of hands…now all those who want to look at their watch dial and constantly see Tim’s dial, raise your right hand…Tim, put your hand down mate, you don’t get a vote!..Just as I suspected! Not one single hand raised! Ok, I propose that the “Moderators Special Edition” (Ye Gods, even the name is egotistical! :grin:) be kept on the Forum…But with the option of being able to pull a curtain over Tim’s…shall we say “Not for the faint hearted” dial? All those in favor? Carried unanimously! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::woozy_face::rofl: Cheers, Doons

By the way, quite flattering studies of C1N & Eric! (See? I told Ya I was NOT biased! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I am trying not to respond :joy: . But here i am doing just that ? You are a total madman :wink:

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Hmmmmmm, Now that is a MOST interesting statement! Now just relax Tim …hand over your Modratorship to someone a little more rational at the moment (Although to be perfectly honest the other Moderators probably aren’t in a much better state!:crazy_face::grin:) …and tell Dr Doonsbury just exactly when these headaches began?! :joy:…Ladies & Gentlemen of the Forum…I ask you if you can honestly say, with a clear conscience, that this poor wretch is in a fit state to Moderate over us? :woozy_face: :grin: Timothy, my Dear Ole (Completely irrational!) Friend…it is really only one sentence…But Glory be, it speaks volumes! :rofl: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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