Lemfo LEM T wont turn on

Hello i was curious if anyone else has had this problem. MY lemt wont turn on anymore and wont charge. I purchased a new charger for it to see if that was the problem and it still wont work. I have held down on the power button for a minute and nothing, when i connect it to my pc i hear the new device sound then the sound for device disconnects. Should just order another one or is there hope for this one.

Try holding down BOTH buttons together for 10-20 seconds

Thanks for the response, i just tried holding both buttons down and it did not work

Maybe it is charged. You wont really know if the screen isnt working. You could try flashing the firmware. Also ( although not always recommended ) the screen connection inside could be loose . You would have to open the watch to check this.

ahh i didn’t think of that, thanks for the information

Your welcome. Good luck