Lemfo lem t help modyfy custom

hello .im new in the group.thanks for accepting me.i want to put the lemfo lem t in the shell of the old motorola razr v3 but i need for space and measure to move the 2 antenna.i saw on youtube you can put 2wires like antenna witout using the original or using the wire like extension for the original.i will have to use it without the back cover so i will have to extend also the charging part of it with 4wires for the plug of magnetic pin.can someone expert in hardwere help me?i still dont have the watch will arrive from aliexpres.thank you

sounds like an interest and fun project. what kind of help are you looking for?

hello.i need to move the antenna from the side and the battery charger.i need to know if is possible in both case to do some extension so i can use the smartwatch without the back case.if is possible to explain better i can upload some draw

i did a picture of what i mean but i dont know how to upload

as a new user you’re probably restricted from posting photos, shouldn’t take too long before they go away, but for now you could upload it to google drive or something and share a link to it

it dont allow me to put link

does it work if you put it in as preformatted text like this?:


try this is the add on kijiji i puton kijiji to see the pic

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Hi gianji,
in the Lem T are 4 Antennas. One for WiFi, one for GSM Modem and GPS.
WiFi means WLAN and Bluetooth combined. Also GSM and GPS combined.
You come to two Antennas. At the PCB you can sea wich one is for what.
Some Manufacturer think its enough to replace a real Antenna with a simple pice of Metal. Its cheap and very fast to assemble, and also in most cases more than enough.
You can try wich Method for you works. Some Watches work great with the simple Method and some not. I have a Lem10 and i was not happy with the standard Metall plate, so I mounted a real Wlan Antenna from an Laptop.
Yes i love also the Lem T and some time i also would like to replace the Back Cover with a cutom one.
Its a great Idea to replce the Magnetic Pins, in my opinion.
If you use the Watch not every day it will work very fine. But if you use it 7/24/365 Not, also here this is my opinion.
With a Standard Multimeter you can find out where 5 Volts positive and negative are. Be carefull here!!! You have to dig a bit around. Also for Data USB.
Have Fun!
Please put some Pictues in here with your progress…Lem10_WiFi

ok ok thanks so much for your support.i would like to put pic so i can explain better the things.im happy i was in the good way for the antenna to do a easy extension with some thin wires so can remove the big back cover for fit the body into the razar.about the charger i can also leave the original pin and make a small sqare cut in the razar so i can charge.keep in touch.have a great day and stay safe.thanks