Lemfo LEM T: Biggest Baddest Watch

Watch the videos in this drive folder to see for your self.
This watch can run every app my OnePlus 7 pro can with good frame rates. It’s just insane for a watch. Let me know if anyone has questions regarding this watch below.


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In the photos I you might have noticed the screen edgest look weird. But I have a DIY screen protector. Which is great and almost perfect. My second attempt should be a lot better. Matte finish… Fingerprints hardly show and they wipe off very easily.

Every time you go home and then to the watch face, or just turn on the watch, there is like 10 fingers moving this fluid around. It’s sick!! Also, the LEMT can do several finger multitouch. Pretty much as many fingers as you can fit it will register them perfectly accurate unlike the LEM 10.

I Deleted most stock apps through powershell on my pc including the new Lemfo app store that only had 4 apps in it like YouTube.
Looking to root this soon.

This app is in the drive folder called Fluid gesture navigation.
It literally makes this watch like a tiny Android 10 phone. You can pull down the status bar and change wifi, brightness, Bluetooth, ECT without going into settings. You can make volume changes so easily, open Google assistant!!!, go to recent app scroller, go home, go back, switch between last app, go back, and many other cool things. Look at the my picture I made of my settings. This setup is absolutely perfect and flawlessly fast.

I do not have this connected to my Verizon here in Missouri USA. But I will try and put my sim card in it today.

There is a new firmware update that new Lem T’s get sent out with. But I don’t have it yet. If anyone has this firmware please share. I need to ask Lemfo for it.

I literally have nothing to say bad about about it. Except I can’t figure out how to change to imperial units on the exercise stuff.

It’s literally Over powered. I have yet to see the battery get below 70% wearing it all day with greenify, Bluetooth connected, and location on… It’s just nuts

This watch is the same exact size as a pixel XL 2 (69.7mm) width, which is the same size as most phones. Just plop your phone perpendicular on your wrist and see if you think it’s too big.
It does not restrict wrist movement due to the curved back.

It’s size is honestly not bad. You can twist it so the watch is facing your body in places that you don’t want it to be noticeable. It’s almost winter time so long sleeves completely hides it…

Here’s the link I bought mine. Ordering the black metal one thru this link comes with the red button which is sick! Maybe ask for the red button in the comments when ordering just to help make sure you get it hopefully! It came in like a week and a half to Missouri. Maybe two weeks. It was fast. It came with these Bluetooth earpods. They work flawlessly on this watch. Bluetooth on this watch works perfectly, even transferring Internet thru Bluetooth from my phone’s PdaNet works perfectly.
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Hi, did you maked some improvement with the new firmware? Could you change the units from metric to imperial? Last one, is this submersible?