Lemfo Lem 9 review


I noticed there isn’t a review for the Lemfo Lem 9 since it has been released, so I can start it off. Can the site developers add Lemfo Lem 9 in its own separate section within Lemfo Products? It will be a good way to keep track of the device updates, firmware, etc. Thank you developers!

I got my hands on the Lemfo Lem 9 recently and tested it for 2 days.

I’m running on version v08.

If you watch Ticks youtube unboxing and 1st look, then you should know that the production watch is very different than the prototype Ticks showed. Hopefully Lemfo Developers fix my concerns with a future software update. 

  1. Tick’s prototype has an option to enable “Always on Time display”, production unit does not and is replaced with “Notification Bright Screen”, which I have no idea what it does yet.

  2. Lacking transitioning mode. There was a transitioning standby mode that Ticks mentioned between bracelet and normal mode but it seems like that won’t be something the final production or update.

For now, other than those, the watch has its pros and cons.

   - One day of using bracelet mode drained about 15-20% of battery, so it is about right to say it can go for 5 days.
   - Lighter than the LemX and runs a lot smoother. I do not have overheating with it yet. 
   - Bracelet mode has 24 hour constant heart rate mode while using minimal power, good for long time tracking of heart rate when exercising. This is new and not in the prototype that Ticks showed.
   - Watch charges quickly similar to LemX, usually no more than 1.5-2hrs for full charge.

   - Bracelet mode with SIM card does not notify you, it actually rejects all phone calls and never goes to call history. That is a big problem and hopefully Lemfo developers fix that, especially since there is not a current Always on Time display mode at the moment. 
   - The front facing camera is at a weird angle than you might be used to.

I’ll update more pros and cons as I test the watch more. That’s it for now. I’ll also get back on the battery of how long it can go for in normal use before a charge is needed.

It seems like the developers will be working on a future update to include Always on Time display under the normal android mode once they have it sorted out. Looking forward to the updates!



Perfect it’s really great that someone is doing a extending review keep doing it, I want to know what Lemfo can do, I really like the watch but I thought about those problems and issues, still new concept and it needs to be well implemented but it will take some time, that’s why I didn’t get one

Hello friend. I have some problem to ask you. My Lem9 can’t sync with phone completely. After sync via Wiiwatch2 application I can use only notify function but can not sync every data (such as step count) or tranfer file with my phone. When I try to use any function in application it will be show dialog box say “low power hardware device, does not support sending file”. Pls help me if you know a solution for my problem. Thank you.

tuanyii, are you using iPhone or Android phone? I heard wiiwatch2 doesn’t notify with iPhone that well. My Samsung Galaxy 9 works well with lem9 with notifications. I also get Lower power hardware device only if I try to download new watch faces at the bottom of wiiwatch2 app. But you can download those new screen faces with your lem9 by holding the default home screen to swap out another, and going to the far right with the + sign to download new ones online.

Tested a quick battery test with T-Mobile digits actively on. With 50% light screen, Data plan SIM card enabled, Bluetooth enabled, Location enabled, the Lem9 drains about 10% per hour with normal use. If I constantly use it more than it goes down further. 

Quick update with Lem 9.

Battery life: It seems to be a little better than the Lem X, I get on average 10-12 hours of normal mode if I don’t use it too much while having DATA, Bluetooth, Location on at 50% light screen. Bracelet mode is still very good to save battery, it really can go for days so I give them that.

Camera: First off, some have reported the Lem 9 camera being off-centered. I bought 2 and they are both off-centered (hanging to the right side of viewing angle) and I tried asking for a refund/partial refund but not having much luck. Also if you check out the full review on Chigz Tech Reviewed on YouTube. He talks about the camera quality around 10:00+. His Lem 9 also looks off-centered once you look at the camera angle position and even his sample pictures were naturally to the left like mine. So if camera quality is a big thing for you, then buy this watch at your own risk!

Overall thoughts: Definitely a big let down for me, I expected more from Lemfo at this point. It seems like they rushed making this one so they could be the first smartwatch with 2 watch modes and a front-facing camera. Both categories were not complete or not properly installed. My Lem X was the better buy now in terms of quality. I am pretty happy with their battery capacity though.

Does anyone have Lemfo Lem 9 have an older firmware? The new firmware version 15 OTA is bugged. My long-standby mode doesn’t work anymore, it is not always on.


I have a problem with the clock after 1 day use. It’s not crashed or dropped down by me. But the case is to thin, so it is a little crack on the case on the side and a small piece is broken off. I think it is a production problem. The tension of the screws is to hard.

Now I search a warranty partner. The efox-shop is no responding and the lemfo website is also not helpfull. :-((

I’am also angry about the missing ambient displaymode. It was a good thing on the previous watches. The bracelet mode is not so helpfull. For instance of using as an nightly alarm clock.

Screen on raising not work
This watch is very difficult to use
Not recommended