Lemfo Lem 6 and TenFifteen Owners Good News

As per request of ricktop i made this thread.

For those who buoyed a new Lemfo LEM6 or a TenFifteen F3 smartwatch as myself, we made a smart choice, both models have a great performance and are packed with a great combination of RAM / ROM , also the F3
came with the capability of Bluetooth calling. But with the new firmware update they lose the capability of clockskin side loading. a lot of people work together to find out a way to return this back.

These are the steps you need to follow for each watch face folder you plan to install:

  1. Find the file labeled clock_skin_model.png

  2. Duplicate it

  3. Rename the duplicate to img_clock_preview.png

Now install the folder with BOTH of these files in it to the “ClockSkin” folder you create on the LEM6 or F3 smartwatch. Note that the folder can be with or without capitol letters, “ClockSkin” or “clockskin”.

When you do this you make the clock skin preview able to show up on the selection board on your smartwatch. Tapping on the thumbnail will bring the watch face up in full view. This was the missing part of the puzzle. This will work  either with stock launcher or Eric’s launcher.

IMPORTANT: Restart your watch in order to safely take the changes. Enjoy.

I don’t know what are you writing about… I’ve done wireless updatae today and use firmware LEM6-v.s. 180305-1520249699. I didn’t notice diferences in clockskin work before and after firmware update.

Hello, friends. I´m really noobie in smartwatches but a proudly owner of a TenFifteen F3, that arrived yesterday.

I tried to install Universal Launcher Gen, from Play Store, and, despite of doing it 3 times and rebooting my watch, it didn´t work perfectly.

Actually, it freezes all the time, I´m not abble to change faces, and it gets really hot.

I´m aware the lack of support for this specific model, but i was wondering if someone could help me anyway.

Thank you in advance.