Lemfo LEM 16 bluetooth disconnects

Hello guys. I have an issue with my brand new LEM16. Upon pairing to my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, it (LEM16) immediately disconnects. the watch shows my phone as a “previously connected device”. I have factory reset the watch multiple times already. The phone does pair and maintain a Bluetooth connection with other devices.
The watch does maintain Wi fi with no issues.

Thank you.

(English is my second language, Grammar is not my forte}

I would recommend using Watchdroid. You can find it in the Playstore. One app is installed on your smartphone and one on the watch. it works very reliably.
However, if you have previously used the watch’s assistant app, a factory reset is necessary for it to work.

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And once you have installed watchdroid on phone and watch follow these instructions on the watch

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Thank you for the fast answer, do I need to uninstall GaoFit from my phone? (the app that LEMFO suggests to use to connect to this watch)

Thank you

I would recommend uninstalling it.

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When attempting to install WachtDroid on my watch, i get a message that says: This app isnt available for your device because this is for an older version of android"

Try this although the version on the playstore should work fine.


Yes, you must remove Gaofit from your phone.
And clear any device pairing history related to the watch on both phone and watch.

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Thanks to you all, its working properly now. What a fantastic helpful community this is.
Thank you all.


You are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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