Lemfo Lem 15 Root

Good day, I wanted to ask you, if it is possible to Root Lemfo Lem 15.
I imagine that it is possible, but there must be reasons why a post has not been made about it. The issue is that I have rooted Lemfo X with a tutorial from this community, and managed to clone my Smartphone’s WhatsApp with Titanium Backup and install it on my Lemfo X. This way I have the same WhatsApp on different devices.
So the idea is to also be able to have the same WhatsApp on the Lemfo lem 15.
If necessary, can you get administrator privileges to modify the data/data/com.Whatapp folder without rooting the Smartwatch?


you can have the same whatsapp chat history on several devices but only one of them can be logged in at a time and if you want all of them kept up to date you have to manually transfer the msgstore.db to the offline devices each time you receive new messages. And if you change which device you are logged into too often you will have to wait some time before you can log in again (myself, I’ve had to wait a day or something at least before logging in again). So this is not a viable solution for having whatsapp on multiple devices (unless you are using the extra devices only to check old messages and never connect those devices to the internet). A better solution would be to use tablet messenger or similar, or wait until whatsapp adds official support for more “phones” (you can already have three PCs connected to whatsapp).

Also, transferring the chat history can usually be done a lot easier than copying the /data/data/com.whatsapp folder (although I’ve also had to do it this way before). You just go to the settings and choose to save a local backup, then you copy this file called msgstore.db.crypt14 (or some other number depending on your whatsapp version) to the new device and when you sign in you will be asked to restore the messages.


With Titanium Backup, you can clone WhatsApp to as many devices as you want. They must be rooted. The session is ALWAYS open at the same time on ALL devices at the same time, it is NOT necessary to start the session again, since it never closes. The only negative is that the messages and/or calls arrive on the device where you last used WhatsApp, so the history is messy. But, you do NOT need to log in again, it is always open on all devices. For example, with the Lemfo Lem X, I went for a walk and had the same WhatsApp as the Smartphone, but I left the smartphone at home.
All devices have the same WhatsApp number, so it is much easier for them to call or write to you.

Doesn’t sound very practical. So you went for a walk with the watch, but last used it on the phone. So if someone wrote you while on the walk, you would never know because messages arrived on the phone?

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It is very easy and very comfortable, you just open the WhatsApp application on the Smartwatch and that’s it. You simply open the WhatsApp app on the device you want to work on and voila, all your friends and family are calling and writing to one number. It is to have a multi-device WhatsApp. Also, if you forget about the Smartphone, you can continue using WhatsApp on the Smartwatch. I think many of us would like WhatsApp to be multi-device like Telegram and other apps. Well, you can root your devices and clone WhatsApp.

I would like to explain myself well. I have had WhatsApp with the same number on 3 different devices. On a Lecco X820 Smartphone, on a Redmi Note 9S, and on a Lemfo Lem X. What I did was install WhatsApp on the Lecco X820, then root the 3 devices and with Titanium Backup clone WhatsApp on the Redmi Note 9S and on the Lemfo Lem X. Then I chose which device I wanted to use WhatsApp on, simply by opening the WhatsApp app on the chosen device. Imagine being able to choose which Smartwatch you want to use on a certain day, and being able to use the same WhatsApp as always, the WhatsApp that all your friends and family know. For me it was great to go for a walk and if they called me or wrote to the usual WhatsApp, being able to answer from the device that I chose that day.

It’s a great hack as long as WhatsApp doesn’t provide us with multiple Android device support.
I don’t like that it won’t work unless we open WhatsApp on the new device, else messages will continue to last used device, as I understand you, but I guess it’s a small inconvenience to get what we dream of


I have to be honest and say that the message history gets messy as what comes to you on one device doesn’t come to the others. There it is a problem.

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messenger. It offers me the advantage that the chat history is clearly documented on all devices.


Yes, but just as I hate the Microsoft world, I hate the Facebook/Meta world, and would like to put as little of my writing there as possible. But with Facebook owning also WhatsApp, I guess it’s potato/potato…

I like Signal the most, but that has the same challenge as WhatsApp. And the extra challenge is always to move friends over on a new platform, as they are mostly stuck to where most people are, and that’s Facebook…

Hmm you can use Signal on several devices without any problems, if I remember right.

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I would like to learn that. If I remember correctly, it authenticates by phone number and an SMS, but perhaps you can just use same number on all phones/watches. I can try with my LEM16 which I will hopefully soon get to setup.

Yes, you just have to verify the new device on your phone. But you’re right, it’s hard to convince friends of the benefits of moving…

I guess I’ve done something wrong when I did it then, it’s also a long time since I played around with whatsapp now. ok, so rooting, yeah it might be possible to root the lem 15. The first step is to go into the developer options and enable OEM unlocking. If I remember correctly, this option is greyed out in the FAW firmware so you’ll have to flash back to stock, for some watch models it might be greyed out in the stock firmware as well and in those cases the watch can’t be rooted.