Lemfo Lem 14 - has anyone root them?

Hi to all users of this forum,

last week, my new Lemfo Lem 14 arrived and i tested the watch till today.
But the main reason to buy these watch is to root them and only install 3 programs to control my diabetes and a pump without my smartphone.

But for this point, i need to root the watch.

Has anyone rooted the watch or have a guidance for me ?

Thanks a lot !


so those apps require root access to work?


Yes. With these Apps, you have an artificial pancreas.
It works fine but the sensor for the blood sugar needs to be activated via an old NFC - Smartphone. After you aktivated these sensor, you must have the same Bluetooth - MAC on the watch and on the smartphone who activatet the sensor. The sensor store the MAC - Adress from the phone. And so, no other device can read the sensor. That’s the reason why i will root the watch. That i can change the BT - MAC Adress.

Or have anyone other suggestions for me ?

Best regards…


Hi Andre,
I am a T1D and have tried using the Dexcom G6 app on four of the Android Watches. None of them will keep the BT connection for more than a few hours (some even minutes). I had to go back to using my phone and use NightWatch to monitor my glucose values through Dexcom Share. I wanted to use the watch as the main collector but no matter what I did…it would not keep the BT connection. What app are you trying to use? I also use the Medtronic 630G pump.

Ah…forgot the pump - hardware.

It is a Dana RS that works with AndroidAPS

Hi Tiggo,

i want to use Libre 2 CGM’s. There is a LibreLink(patched) to use the CGM with XDrip plus. No NFC - scan needed. And now, you can modify these patched App the you can install it on NoNFC - Devices, like the Lemfo LEM 14 or a SmartPhone without NFC. In this case, you can adopt the Libre 2 - sensor on the watch.


Okay I see. I used XDrip in the past but went back to the Dexcom software because my Endo downloads the info from Dexcom. I also started out using the Libre CGM but found the Dexcom much better although it can be a lot more expensive depending on insurance. I had to use a Custom Dexcom G6 app for the watch, it bypassed their compatibility check. Anyway, the issue was bluetooth would not stay connected between the watch and the transmitter. The best luck I had was on the LEM14 which stayed connected for a few hours. Once it disconnected, I could not get it to reconnect no matter what. Weird I know. I wanted to be able to ditch my phone as the main collector cause it is a pain to carry the phone all around the house. If you figure out a solution, please let me know. I suspect you may have the same problem with the Libre/watch as I did with Dexcom.

I see, I guess it could also work to change the MAC of the phone before you pair it (unless it can only be paired once).
Unless a rooted boot image is posted by Pablo or by None, you will likely have to unlock the bootloader, flash a “blank” vbmeta, then patch the boot image with magisk manager and flash it with sp flash tools. And it doesn’t seem like there’s any firmware posted for it yet, so right now you would have to extract the boot image yourself with sp flash tool

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Hi to all,

last days, i have made a look in the support forum of the LEM14 here on this site. I downloaded the original firmware (thx to pablo11) from the watch.

MOD Edit - post edited to avoid users bricking watches.

if a rooted boot image is available for the lem 14 then you can follow those steps, but you can’t use the files from the lem 8

If you try this you will possibly brick the watch.
Read up about DM Verity and VB Meta in Android 10 and you may understand.
All the firmware images are signed and adding an image with a different signature results in System Tampered warnings and boot loop.
This has been discussed many, many times.
Even with a signed Magisk boot image and an empty VB Meta file - you can only use Magisk system-less modules.
If you attempt to modify anything else = boot loop.
If you factory reset - all mods are gone.
This the nature of Android 10 and above.

In fact - I believe the Magisk Developer has now been paid off by Google to protect banking apps

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