Lemfo lem 14 arrive to me

first impressions:
aesthetically beautiful but it seems a little too light and thick.
I tried universal launcher but it always crashes and I don’t understand why, maybe it’s android 10 that doesn’t let it go?
the straps are thin and of poor quality I immediately buy new ones including a screen protector.
good day everyone

does anyone know where to buy a screen protector?


These watches normally come with a screen protector installed and most will have a spare in the box. I personally remove them as soon as I receive the watch and go on my merry way. As Mr. Ticks often says they may reduce the touch sensitivity of the watchface. I’ve owned about 10 different watches and never had a problem. But where and how you use the watch may influence your decision to use them or not.


yes you can also be right but, I broke after a fall, and changed, the display to a KW 88 and I wish this did not happen

Welcome to the group of Lem14 owners…

There is actually a thread in Lemfo section discussing all matters related…

Any how… like you i just recieved my watch

And it doesnt look like it includes a screen protector…

So i ordered from ali express

There are few which are compatible … which are the rollme s08 and other looklike watchs screen protectors

As this watch is excatly the same size and shape of s08

Here are few links to buy

Oh … one seller just listed one that is listed specifically for lem14

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thank you very much

I love my Lemfo LEM 14. Best one yet.