Lemfo LEM 10 USB driver?

(Can we have please open a section for this device under Lemfo Products?)
Re: USB connection to PC, any idea to get a stable connection fast? Device is connected and charging through USB port but the OTG function(guess that is the correct term) is unstable. Keep connecting and disconnecting.Finally connects after a while.

I have transferred couple of gigs of music but it take a little bit for connection to reach stability.

Is there a driver that is need on the PC or is it the cable being finicky?


remove the strap in that bottom half and try again. mine is stable.

Had tried that already. Connection is stable once connected but still having trouble getting a connection consistently. Thanks.

USB file transfer works after a reset. Normal stable connection acquired as expected without much delay.

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thanks for the update, I’m sure it’s helpful advice for future users

On the Windows 8.1 machine USB is finicky. Seem to be more stable on the Windows 10 machine.

Thanks for the update.
Yes, the Windows MTP USB driver is not fantastic but generally works ok.

Users have to remember that after connecting to pc they need to enable file transfer in settings for USB… Under “connection” in system settings or through the notification when you connect.

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