LEMFO LEM 10 Google Voice demo

Google Voice Demo on LEM 10. Google Voice dialpad is not usable. “0” is cut out. Use native phone app to dial out using Google Voice.

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great implementation, would this work with kospet optimus pro?

or even using whatsapp voice calls? or google hangouts voice calls?

This should work for Google Voice for any Android phone since it is a built in setting in Google Voice. For Whatsapp and Hangouts might be possible with Tasker or something similar.

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awesome thank you

ok so i tried google DUO actually just now and it worked flawlessly for wifi vocie calls, although my kospet optimus pro started to overheat after 5 mins and I got that system overheat message then the app shutdown. I tried the video message also and it worked perfect, even the video message reply worked great! just the video call itself was lame because the camera is on the side. to finish off, works for wifi calling (5 mins) and video message send/receive.

just use “little” system font size using accessibility menu using “settings search app” now everything will read out correctly, just make sure to change it back.


is there anyway to replace stock default dialer on android 7.1.1 to one which would fulfill outgoing wifi call dials?

unfortunately here in canada google voice is restricted, hence why i was researching/testing the different app solutions such as hangouts/duo/whatsapp as possible alternatives.

That is a good workaround. Should work.

Don’t know about that. May be check out VOIP solutions like Callcentric. Will be its (callcentric’s) own number from what I know. Zoiper app lists 21 VOIP providers in Canada