Lemfo dm101 & ticwris max s

I ordered a lemfo dm101 but received the dm100. I’ve been communicating with the seller for over 24hrs and he asked me what I’d like to do, I explained I want an exchange. he agreed and gave me instructions on where to send the watch.

prior all of this dilemma I asked him about the chip set, he advised he would ask the manufacture and get back to me but never did. this time I asked a series of questions on about shipping the correct watched and he kept skipping my questions, I also check the website and suddenly the watches are out of stock. so I pressed him further and he responded claiming the manufacturer isn’t producing this watch anymore and have no plans in the future too.

can anyone confirm this is the case?

I am concerned with making another purchase and running into the same dilemma elsewhere. several websites selling this watch under ticwris, lemfo lem t and rainbuvvy

I confirm same case than you, ordered a DM101 and receive a DM100 ( returned and refund ), after many research i’have found the manufacturer ( Shenzen Domino Technologie ) and he tell me have stopped produce the watch this year… So actually there is no more stock for this watch and she not available evewhere…

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