Lemfo 16 VS Kospet Optimus 2

Now I have both watches, the comparison is really disappointing especially given that I actually expected to see good performance , or at least same level of execellence in performance in Lemfo 16 (6G ram), ,

I have been using Kospet Optimus 2 watch for several years, its safe to say this watch is excellent in terms of functionality, smooth operation, as a real Full android watch,
just last week, I got a new Lemfo 16 (6G ram) watch, expecting it to have better performance than my kospet optimus 2 given the fact that the Lemfo 16 watch has 6G ram ( kospet has just 4G ram), But, the result of comparison just can Not be more disappointing, not only did the new Lemfo 16 watch run a bit slower than my kospet otptimus 2 , it also has major issues with touch screen, and compatibility issues with app downloaded from play store, so what is wrong with this Lemfo 16 watch???

The reason why I decided to get this Lemfo 16 watch is because, unlike the Kospet optimus 2 , it looks like a normal size watch on wrist, but the performance is big issue with the lemfo watch,
very disappointed!
Please share your comment and possibly some solutions if you have any

Brian, I wanna ask you: either Kospet or Lemfo, how fast can you download updates applications on both watches from Google play store?
I mean, does them download fast?
Does them download specially faster when you have the screen ON? Or you notice some slow behavior on the downloads when the screen is turned off?
Does the battery get very warm when you are updating apps on both watches?

Hi ,

In terms of downloading updates of apps from play store, from my experience of using multiple Google pixel phones, i don’t see any noticable issues, downloads sometimes take a bit longer to finish, by and large, no problems on this.

Screen off operation?? I haven’t been even able to use any function of the watch when the screen is off.
Just like Google assistant, there’s no way I can use my favorite - the Google assistant - when screen is off, most of the time , I use an app to keep screen on all the time, so that’s I can just assistant