LEM14 VoLTE over 4G

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if we can get LEM14 to work with 4G VoLTE?

Telstra in AU are shutting down their 3G network in a few months and only devices that support 4G VoLTE are going to be supported!

Thanks in advance.


Hi Tony,

Not specifically for the LEM14, but this thread has been looking at the issue of 4G for the appllp 4 pro.

There are some other bits on the issue if you search 3g closure in the forum.

I had a go at using engineering mode in my watch as a testing situation for different sims and the VoLTE function.

Good luck with your watch.

Yep, it’s going to be tricky when most ISPs will not support open configuration :frowning:
There are a few countries that will allow this, but mine and many more will not accept it :frowning:

Some more information from Telstra regarding their knowledge of my watch. This was their updated email detailing the reason to buy a new phone.

They now identify the appllp 4 pro as:
A 4G device with limited band support. 4G non VoLTE device.

Telstra suggests that best compatability will be achieved if the device uses: LTE 700Mhz / B28 capability.

Time to go back to the specification sheet, and venture into engineering mode again I suppose.

Yes I know,
I am with telstra as well.
The bottom line is that the watch has the capability but it lacks the certification.
So, the Telstra configuration for LTE is not available for our devices…
Sad, but true

Thanks guys.

But I think we may be okay. I was not using my LEM14 for a few months (stuffed up firmware) and using a Redmi 9. On the 1st of June whenever I made a call I would get a Telstra message telling me about the August shutdown and that my phone my not work etc.etc.

So, I spent the night fixing my LEM14, which BTW, I love as my daily phone.

Put in same SIM made a call and NO message from Telstra! And LEM14 WiFi calling works perfectly…

So potentially us LEM14 users may be okay when 3G goes down.



Hey there… I agree, it would be great to get LEMFO or whoever to add LTE B28 to the radio stack… Having said that, I don’t believe Telstra are limiting VoLTE to B28 only. I guess we’ll all know at the end of August, if the don’t delay the shutdown that is more than possible!

Unfortunately not possible… Sorry