Lem14 and Sidebar Lite

Hello everyone! With my other old Android smartwatches I used this nice app to have shortcuts to launch apps. So I installed Sidebar Lite on my new Lem14 too and it works fine but only for a few minutes. Android inevitably closes the sidebar from the background. I added the app to the “no battery optimization” list but nothing has changed.
Any tips to avoid this or another way to get a shortcut to the apps?

I’ve used Smart Touch for years on all my devices. It is no longer available in the play store but I did find a link on apk.pure’s web site. You can try to see if it works. Also I use App Backup and restore so I have a permanent copy of these apps for future use.

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Thx a lot! I’m going to try it

Same story… the app would work great, but it only happens when you launch it from the app drawer, then Android closes it the first time the backlight is turned off. There is no way

I assume you turned off battery optimization. Don’t know what to tell you I run in on all my devices running Android 5.1, 7.1, 9.0 and 10 and have no issues.


Thx anyway :+1:

Wheel launcher is available on the play store along with 4 or 5 themes for it. Works fine on android 7.1.1 and 10.7. Very flexible.