LEM10 Battery Optimization

Guys, my LEM10 battery is not lasting more than 5 hours.
I ROOT the Firmware and removed the APPs that do not interest me. Soon after, I created a simple app that connects to WiFi and searches for news every 1 min. But my battery hasn’t lasted. When I surfed the internet (Youtube and Google) I had about 15 hours of constant use…
Have you ever gone through something like your apps?

try to remove the SIM Card or disable the Data transfer over SIM.
I had this on mine while Mobile Data was activated.

Hi @actrapit, I don’t use SIM Card.
Anyway i disabled data transfer and the problem persisted.

Hi @Pedro_Henrique1 ,
did you update your Watch to the latest version?
You can find it here in the forum with tutorials.
Did you clean the Charging contacts on the back of the watch?

How long have you had your LEM 10.?

@actrapit, i’m going to research the latest firmware here on the forum and update it to see if I can solve the problem.
Now, about the process of cleaning the charging contacts, I don’t Know how to do this process.
The most I did was decompile the firmware and delete the factory-installed applications, modified the Boot animations and created a new WatchFace (Clock).

@pablo11, recently… 2 months ago I bought it.

Clean it with Isopropanol and cotton wool, of course be careful and power off the Watch bevore cleaning.

I don’t understand why you are emphasizing cleaning the contacts when he never mentioned a problem with charging the watch. I think the problem is more having the wi-fi running constantly and updating a news app every minute. That would put a lot of drain on this small battery. I know cleaning the contacts help with charging I often recommend it myself.

I agree with you here @Jonathan_Bickel.
@Pedro_Henrique1 this might sound strange to you but what you have done to the firmware might be actually making battery life worse, as well as switching Wi-Fi data constantly to refresh app data.
The LEM10 battery is not a large capacity battery and you will be surprised how much power you use by consistently switching to update your app.

I would be interested if you can take a backup of your existing setup - I assume you have twrp? And then flash stock firmware (make sure you take note of the current version because camera and screen has been changed over time).

Once you have flashed back to stock, leave Wi-Fi enabled without switching and use your app as usual.
I’m interested in how it compares to your “modified” firmware.

I also recommend using a pc or laptop USB port for charging the watch. Or a 0.5Amp charger… Definitely not more than 1Amp.

Of course, it also depends on what other apps you use etc…

@Jonathan_Bickel i point him to this, because he knows what he is doing.
A post bevore @Pedro_Henrique1 wrote ´I decompiled the firmware …´
Why should i say than that he is using power draining apps???

On my LEM10 i do have BT and WLAN more than 24h non stop ON!
And every 5min. a connection to BT and WIFI and no problem!
The Problem @Pedro_Henrique1 , in my opinion is not the Hardware (Battery), its the Software!
But hey…
Sometimes things are demaged, and after 2 Mounth he has warranty!

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Same answere here in conjunktion with Charging.
Why the Leader point someone to a Charging problem if nobody asking for!?

I asume he has no problem with his watch!
After reading @Pedro_Henrique1 1. Post more than twice i think he has a self created APP problem.
The watch might be 100% funktional and work as expected.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you are saying?

It’s not about charging…
It’s about draining battery.
I did make some suggestions about charging but just as a side note.

Maybe I have missed something.
I was pointing out that sometimes, when you remove some apps from the stock firmware it can actually make battery life worse.
Normally due to some unknown dependences in the firmware.

So I suggest a comparison between stock unmodified firmware and the modified version.

That’s all…


Absolut what I say!
You are right! Same thoughts here!
My writing was no attack to anyone!
Just tried to find the solution, its not about finding the answere - its about understanding the question!!!
If someone feel pissed of - very sorry for this. I did not ment this.

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Ha ha, no it’s fine.
I was just making it clear for others reading this thread :+1: