LEM T (AVOID Tracfone AT&T SIM Card)

bought an tracfone sim card based on the att network and have gone through many different APN settings I was just wondering if any one else has had luck setting it up on the 3g / 4g tracfone/att network and if you guys could help with the APN settings for LEM T ?

I am not familiar with tracphone, I use Speed Talk Sim cards in my watches. So I did a little research and found this information. Hope it helps.

Simple Setup Instructions

To activate a TracFone, the first step is purchasing the SIM card and the phone plan. This is easily done in a physical store or through online ordering. If purchasing a phone from the company, it will come with the SIM card installed. Regardless, write down the SIM number for reference during the install process.

When using your own phone, purchase and install the SIM. Use a paperclip to press the pin-hole ejection port on the phone. The SIM card tray will eject when done properly. Go ahead and insert the SIM and press the port back into the phone.

At this point, head to the TracFone website and click the Activate option. The system will ask for the SIM number. Locate the serial number you recorded previously and enter into their system. The next step involves choosing and purchasing a plan if the SIM is not already loaded. Browse the options and choose the best fit for your personal needs.

Lastly, the site will ask to power on the phone for the activation. Follow the onscreen prompts and wait while the SIM is activated. Once confirmed, head to the checkout and pay for the plan to finalize the process.

TracFone Activation Problems

In rare cases, the TracFone SIM card will experience issues and will not activate properly. In this case, the customer service system is the best option for support. The website offers an online chat and the support phone number is 1-800-867-7183. Use either for a fast means of resolving the issue.

A bad phone or bad SIM is even rarer but it does happen. TracFone has a return policy and a refund or replacement is possible in some cases. Again, use the online chat or phone number to first diagnose the issue. You can seek resolution through the same system.

At any point during or after the plan has expired, you can check the balance and recharge the phone. Before contacting support, make sure you have data available and purchase a new plan to continue using the phone. The SIM activation process is only completed one time and you can simply reload the SIM by purchasing new minutes once activated.
If needed I use the APN settings provided by Speed Talk and never had an issue.

Update - The TracFone (AT&T) SIM refused to work with the Lemfo LEMT - tried every possible combination of APN entries - Phone worked, Text Messaging worked, but no Internet.

instead I swapped out the Tracfone SIM and inserted a SpeedTalk SIM which was already activated (which is based on TMobile Carrier), Powered on the LEMFO LEMT and Instantly EVERYTHING WORKS! - did not need to manually enter a new APN - the LEM T read the APN type from the Speedtalk SIM card upon power up , and now I have working 4G LTE internet, messaging and Phone service - EUREKA!

BTW - TracFone support finally replied their Tracfone (AT&T) BYOP Sim Card only works with a restricted number of phone types and if your phone is not on their short list (like the Lemfo) - it will be blacklisted and WILL NOT work!

Much happier with SPEEDTALK (TMobile) SIM card as my Mobile provider for LEMFO LEM T !


Does anyone know if US Mobile is usable with the Lemfo Lem T?? Since they use Tmobiles network.